[Ecls-list] Does ECL support SERVE-EVENT?

Dave Roberts dave at vyatta.com
Wed Sep 6 23:34:41 UTC 2006

Brad Beveridge wrote:
> I messed up the reply-to-list, and I think that Dave replied to me
> intending to hit the whole list.
> ECL is coloured green in the CFFI support matrix
> (http://common-lisp.net/project/cffi/), so unless things have changed
> CFFI is ok to work with.

Yup, looks like you're right. Okay, I have no idea what I'm talking 
about. If CFFI works, that's great. ;-)

> I think that ECL is one of the few Lisps that can actually interact
> with C at such a level where C macros actually work - which is pretty
> cool.  But in this case I suspect the amount of CFFI contortions would
> be less if I just write some small functions in C.

You can use ECL's C-INLINE form anywhere you could another Lisp form, so 
it may be that you could mix it in with CFFI at various strategic 
points. Of course, that would taint your CFFI code if the goal was to 
keep things portable.

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