[Ecls-list] LISP shell based on ECL

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Wed Sep 6 16:47:28 UTC 2006


Mainly for my own usage, I developed (for fun) a LISP shell where I put
everything I want to see in such a tool. It's not finished (I don't know
if it will ever be), but it's already usable. If people want to give it
a try, there's a screenshot at
and a package at http://www.geocities.com/sw286000/LispShell.zip.

Warning: it's for Win32 only because the GUI is written in .NET (might
portable with Mono, but I have no idea)

The main features are:
- syntax highlighting
- dynamic autocompletion ("dynamic" means it takes into account the
environment, like the current package)
- brace matching
- history
- calltips for all CL functions and any bytecoded functions
- pathname autocompletion
- code editor (it's in the code, but not already available to the user)

It is based on:
- RDNZL and .NET for the GUI
- Scintilla and ScintillaNET for the editing component
- ECL for LISP

All comments are welcome, except bad ones. Have fun.


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