[Ecls-list] Specifying linker flags for compile-file

Daniel Dickison danieldickison at cmu.edu
Mon Sep 4 10:48:13 UTC 2006

I'm using ECL to build plugins for an application, but, due to some  
quirkiness in the plugin system, I need to have the linker allow  
undefined symbols when compiling the FFI bindings.  Is there a way to  
specify linker flags for compile-file?  I'm simply building  
loadable .fas files on the fly, like so:
       (require 'cmp)
       (let ((compiler::*ld-bundle-flags* (concatenate 'string
						      " -undefined suppress"
						      " -flat_namespace")))
	(mapc #'compile-file uncompiled-ffi-srcs))))

But *ld-bundle-flags* is not bound unless I've compiled something  
else beforehand -- i.e. the (require 'cmp) isn't defvar'ing *ld- 
bundle-flags*.  Is there a way to make sure that variable is  
initialized?  Or better yet would be a way to specify linker flags  
for building .fas without modifying non-exported variables.



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