[Ecls-list] Re: Sparc 32 build

GP lisper spambait at CloudDancer.com
Tue Mar 21 16:04:04 UTC 2006

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:43:25 +0000, <edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org> wrote:
> One of the home systems is a old sparc 20 which recently got switched from
> NetBSD to Linux.  Ecl had some build problems with the gmp library
> and this is to document them to the large user community of sparc32 and ecl
> users...
> To get things to build pretty much you must comment out the lines in 
> src/gmp/configure which look like:
>       #sparcv8*-*-* | supersparc*-*-* | microsparc*-*-*)
>       #  gcc_cflags_cpu="-mcpu=v8 -mv8"
>       #  acc_cflags="-O2 -cg92"

I haven't looked into this fully, but I note that my older Sparc
Classic, running under Gentoo, has no problems building ecl 0.9h with

CFLAGS="-mcpu=v8 -O2 -pipe" and

src_compile() {
        local myconf="--with-system-gmp
                `use_with c++ cxx`
                `use_with X x`
                `use_with X clx`"
        einfo "Configuring with: $myconf"
        econf ${myconf} || die

It may be that gmp is cut back via

src_compile() {
        filter-flags -ffast-math

        # FreeBSD libc already have bsdmp
        econf \
                --localstatedir=/var/state/gmp \
                --disable-mpfr \
                $(use_enable !nocxx cxx) \
                $(use_enable !elibc_FreeBSD mpbsd) \
                || die "configure failed"
        emake || die "emake failed"

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