[Ecls-list] Conflicting init_ functions when building libraries

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Wed Mar 15 07:12:01 UTC 2006


i just tracked down a problem when building libraries with ecl
to embed them in a c/c++ binary under linux. My lisp code consists
of two subsystems living in different directories, one of them
is foreign code (the cl-ppcre). Accidentaly, there are two lisp files
with the same name, so that when i build either two separate libraries
or one combined library, one init_... function shadows the other.
This results in obscure errors: missing symbols or simply code that
does behave differently than in the interpreted version.

Although renaming one of the files would be an option, i don't think
that would be feasible if someone gets code off-the-shelf or when
working with larger systems. Including directory components into the
initialization function name would fix -my- problem, but i don't know
if that is a good solution.

I looked into the code in cmp/cmpmain, but i doubt that changing
init-function-name will be enough.

Sorry, would have liked to provide you with a possible patch.

Bernd Kiefer

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