[Ecls-list] Important fixes, please test

Pascal Costanza pc at p-cos.net
Thu Mar 2 01:46:01 UTC 2006

On 2 Mar 2006, at 10:04, Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 23:14 +0100, Pascal Costanza wrote:
>> What kind of help can I give you to make this go smoothly? For
>> example, I could give you a list of symbols to be exported, or edit
>> the respective defpackage form and send it to you...
> The list of symbols would suffice, though I suspect it more or less
> coincides with the list in ecls/src/doc/amop.txt. Am I wrong?

No, that list looks quite complete.

The full list is this:

direct-slot-definition effective-slot-definition eql-specializer  
forward-referenced-class funcallable-standard-class funcallable- 
standard-object metaobject slot-definition specializer standard- 
accessor-method standard-direct-slot-definition standard-effective- 
slot-definition standard-reader-method standard-slot-definition  

accessor-method-slot-definition add-dependent add-direct-method add- 
direct-subclass class-default-initargs class-direct-default-initargs  
class-direct-slots class-direct-subclasses class-direct-superclasses  
class-finalized-p class-precedence-list class-prototype class-slots  
compute-applicable-methods-using-classes compute-class-precedence- 
list compute-default-initargs compute-discriminating-function compute- 
effective-method compute-effective-slot-definition compute-slots  
direct-slot-definition-class effective-slot-definition-class ensure- 
class ensure-class-using-class ensure-generic-function-using-class  
eql-specializer-object extract-lambda-list extract-specializer-names  
finalize-inheritance find-method-combination funcallable-standard- 
instance-access generic-function-argument-precedence-order generic- 
function-declarations generic-function-lambda-list generic-function- 
method-class generic-function-method-combination generic-function- 
methods generic-function-name intern-eql-specializer make-method- 
lambda map-dependents method-function method-generic-function method- 
lambda-list method-specializers reader-method-class remove-dependent  
remove-direct-method remove-direct-subclass set-funcallable-instance- 
function slot-boundp-using-class slot-definition-allocation slot- 
definition-initargs slot-definition-initform slot-definition- 
initfunction slot-definition-location slot-definition-name slot- 
definition-readers slot-definition-writers slot-definition-type slot- 
makunbound-using-class slot-value-using-class specializer-direct- 
generic-functions specializer-direct-methods standard-instance-access  
update-dependent validate-superclass writer-method-class

> I would also like, at some point, to have a look at your package. It
> seems you have some sort of mop compliance test. That would probably
> help me in completing the missing parts -- a list that would help me a
> lot, since being an often interrupted project I tend to forget what is
> missing!

Sure. As soon as you have those symbols from the above list that you  
actually currently implement in some way, exported from the CLOS  
package, I can already give you a quite detailed report about what is  
there and what is missing. My test suite doesn't have the same  
breadth and coverage as, say, Paul Dietz's ANSI test suite, but  
should nevertheless be helpful in this regard. (If all my tests  
succeed, that doesn't necessarily mean that a CLOS MOP implementation  
is correct. It just means that the implementor has made a faithful  
attempt at providing all the functionality that is specified in AMOP.)


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