[Ecls-list] How much system resources will ECL consume?

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk at spth.de
Sun Jun 18 21:44:13 UTC 2006

I've read that ECL will compile common lisp to C.
I target a Z80 system with 1 KB of RAM, 32 KB of ROM, no operating system.
I currently use the sdcc cross-compiler writing my programs in C99 (with
some inner loops implemented in assembler).
Would it be possible to write them in lisp, then use ECL to generate C
code to compile with sdcc?
Will there be problems with the 1KB limit on RAm usage and 32 KB limit
on code size?

I have no programmiong experience with lisp, but might want to try it
since it seems to be a language which is a bit different from the ones I

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