[Ecls-list] Compiling CVS version

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 18 08:10:11 UTC 2006

2006/6/17, Knut Olav Bøhmer <bohmer at gmail.com>:
> Compiling stops at:
> ;;; Note: Replacing variable G4861 by its value #<form CALL-GLOBAL 8841318>
> The function C::CMP-ENV-REGISTER-MACROLET is undefined.

Did you "rebuild" an existing copy of ECL. You should follow these steps

1) cd ecl
2) rm -rf build
3) cvs update -C -P -d
4) ./configure ...
5) make

2,4,5) Are needed because many changes have taken place that
invalidate any existing object files. For instance, a new garbage
collector has to be reconfigured, the list of symbols changed (and
with that the indices in the compiled C code), etc.



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