[Ecls-list] cl-launch and ECL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 00:13:04 UTC 2006

Dear ECL developers,

I'd like to get cl-launch to run with ECL.
I've added very preliminary support in cl-launch 1.81.
However, I'm facing several difficulties:

1) there seems to be no easy way to hush ecl when it prints messages at startup:
;;; Loading #P"/usr/lib/ecl/cmp.fas"
;;; Loading #P"/usr/lib/ecl/sysfun.lsp"

2) I can't manage to get option --file running correctly. Can you help?

3) I haven't even tried to make image-dumping work.

Hint: you may hack to your heart contents and then try
  cl-launch -l ecl -B tests
I don't have automated tests for image-dumping (yet).
You're welcome to add them.

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