[Ecls-list] c-inline conflict in cl-user

Dave Roberts dave at vyatta.com
Thu Jul 6 18:20:10 UTC 2006

Right. Brain fart here on my side. Thanks. (Now Dave goes scrambling off 
to the CLHS to refresh his memory on why use-package is not evaluated at 
compile-time... ;-).

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> 2006/7/6, Dave Roberts <dave at vyatta.com>:
>> (use-package "FFI")
> Adding this to the beginning of a compiled file does not do what you
> expect because USE-PACKAGE is not evaluated at compilation time. The
> right way is to create a package for your code with DEFPACKAGE and
> then add an IN-PACK AGE statement in your compiled file. That is
> evaluated by the compiler.
> Alternatively, an ugly hack
> (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
> (in-package "CL-USER")
> (use-package "FFI"))
> Jj

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