[Ecls-list] error while compiling: THROW: The catch #:G1 is undefined.

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Thu Jan 19 02:13:00 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 09:07 +0100, Peter Van Eynde wrote:
> Hello,
> While compiling a newer version of clc (which does compile on cmucl/sbcl 
> and an older clisp)  I get the following error. Is there anything I can
> do to debug this further? If I try to remove the offending function
> the error just moves round.
> compiling #P"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/common-lisp-controller/post-sysdef-install.lisp" to
> ;;; Compiling /usr/share/common-lisp/source/common-lisp-controller/post-sysdef-install.lisp.
> ;;; Note: Replacing variable G736 by its value #<form VAR 866FE88>
> [...]
> THROW: The catch #:G1 is undefined.
> Broken at COMPILE-FILE.

Sorry for the delay, but I am still tracking this bug. It must be
related to ECL's condition system, as I also got it when using SEARCH
with wrong arguments. I will keep you informed when I find the reason as
well as a fix.



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