[Ecls-list] An array becomes a list ?

David Creelman dave at geko.net.au
Mon Jan 16 18:56:02 UTC 2006

Hi List,

cl_object SendBuffer = c_string_to_object("(defvar *SendBuffer*
(make-array 6 0))");
cl_type check = type_of(SendBuffer);

The above code gives back t_cons, not t_vector. Is there some way I can
force it to be an array so I can use aref directly from C ?


PS If not I'll just have to make some more cl_objects from (aref
*SendBuffer* i) I suppose.

David Creelman
GPG: 11CC 0D54 D37A 4B9C 5C65  AB63 5B18 7F99 7D77 9CA5

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