[Ecls-list] ecl-0.9i on Sharp Zaurus

Alexander Shendi shendi at saruman.lb.bawue.de
Sat Dec 16 03:32:06 UTC 2006

Am 15.12.2006 um 03:32 schrieb Alexander Shendi:

> Hi all,
> I have sucessfully compiled ecl-0.9i on a Sharp Zaurus (CL 3100)
> using gcc 2.95.4. So far the binary seems to work without problems.

Since Larry Clapp seemed to want the binary and asked if it would  
work on a
Sharp SL-5500, I have done two things:

* I have produced a tar file of the resulting binary distribution and  
have uploaded it to
    http://home.bawue.de/~shendi/zaurus/ecl-0.9i-arm.tar.gz. Unpack  
it in the
    root directory of the Zaurus. If you have insuffcient space in /,  
the best thing is
    probably to symlink /usr/local/lib/ecl to somwhere else before  
unpacking the tar file.
* I have tested the binary on my Sharp SL-5500G (Sharp ROM, Version  
3.13 US)
    (very briefly: I just tested, if you can get to the lisp prompt  
and evaluated (+ 4 4)).
   On the SL-5500 you have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include "/usr/ 
   but otherwise the binary seems to work.

Best Regards,


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