[Ecls-list] OS X Build problem

David_Creelman at pa.com.au David_Creelman at pa.com.au
Fri Dec 15 02:55:40 UTC 2006

I don't know if this is a final solution, but on Cygwin, if
#if defined(cygwin) .....
is removed from ecl.h, everything compiles and runs (with limited user
testing) correctly.
The earlier problems may have been to do with earlier versions of gcc/libs
on cygwin.

Also, on Linux and Cygwin, there is a warning that -fPIC is not needed,
I've commented it out of the configure script to remove the warning.
Don't know how this effects other (non gcc) compilers.
On Cygwin there are also several warnings about -mcpu being deprecated.
Many of these seem to come from the gmp part of the build.


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Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> 2006/12/5, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
<juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com>:
>> 2006/12/5, mark <mark at junklight.com>:
>>> I am trying to build on OS X - latest version , latest XCode, ECL
>>> checked out of CVS and I am getting this:
>>> ;;; OPTIMIZE levels: Safety=2, Space=3, Speed=3
>>> ;;; Finished compiling src:lsp;mislib.lsp.
>>> ;;; Compiling src:lsp;numlib.lsp.Segmentation violation.
>> I fixed this bug a couple of weeks ago (or at least a typo which
>> stopped compilation at precisely that point). I cannot reproduce it on
>> an iMac Core2Duo with the latest XCode. Could you update with "cvs
>> update -C -P -d" to ensure you have the latest version?
> Stupid me, I had fixed it but only on my local repository. The bug was
> a typo in "src/c/predicate.d" It should be fixed now.
> Juanjo
This also fixed the same bug I was getting when building in windows
under cygwin. With one additional change I can get it to build now:
int8_t was doubly defined, a patch to fix it is attached.

I'm still getting an error when trying to build with MSVC++ 6. The lisp
core boots, then tries to load compile.lsp and crashes when trying to
(:wants-defsystem ...). It's the same thing that Yaroslav emailed about
on Nov 14. I realize that you still don't have a windows machine to
build on, so whenever you can look at it would be fine. If there's
anything I could do to help, please let me know.
< #ifndef __int8_t_defined
< #define __int8_t_defined
< #endif
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