[Ecls-list] Lispscript on the Web

Brian Spilsbury brian.spilsbury at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 10:36:21 UTC 2006

> I recall that someone proposed to add a Lisp as scripting engine for
> Firefox (Google Summer of Code?). It was agreed, that this is going to
> be a very hard task, requiring deep knowledge of both the lisp
> implementation of choice and the Firefox/gecko code base.
> Nevertheless, one would gain a lot of points on the all-time lisp hacker
> hiscore list. ;-)

I'd suggest that a practical approach would be a 'lisp to javascript' compiler.
That would allow code to be rewritten in lisp and run on arbitrary systems.

Common Lisp is also not designed with security in mind -- you would
really want to produce a suitable sub-dialect to run safely in.

It might also be interesting to write a 'javascript to lisp' compiler
and then use ECL embedded in firefox to compile it to native code.

You could then piggy-back the running of lisp scripts on top of that,
but it would have a limited audience.


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