[Ecls-list] Lispscript on the Web

Julian Stecklina der_julian at web.de
Wed Aug 23 16:42:11 UTC 2006

Pierre THIERRY wrote:
> It's not Common Lisp specific, indeed it may be better suited to Scheme,
> but I had the idea that Lisp could be a wonderful scripting language for
> the Web. I would be delighted to use it instead of Javascript.
> I'd like to know if it has already be tried to embed ECL (or any other
> Lisp implementation, but ECL seems a very good candidate for it) in a
> web browser.
> Curiously,
> Nowhere man
I recall that someone proposed to add a Lisp as scripting engine for
Firefox (Google Summer of Code?). It was agreed, that this is going to
be a very hard task, requiring deep knowledge of both the lisp
implementation of choice and the Firefox/gecko code base.

Nevertheless, one would gain a lot of points on the all-time lisp hacker
hiscore list. ;-)


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