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Mon Aug 7 20:08:09 UTC 2006

On 07/08/06, Goffioul Michael <goffioul at imec.be> wrote:
> > * Do you recommend building a program or a fasl for my
> > dump-image feature? In either case, do you know the way of
> > getting all the files from a ASDF system so as to include
> > them in the program or fasl? Other Lisps can dump the current
> > image, but ECL requires something very different that you may
> > already know about quite well.
> ECL adds MAKE-BUILD function to ASDF package to build an ASDF system
> into a FASL or executable. See contrib/asdf/asdf-ecl.lisp or in the
> examples directory.
Yes thanks a lot, I had seen this after Juanjo told me to see the sources.

Some additional questions:
A cl-launch program is currently defined through a file (to be used as
preamble), a system name (to be asdf:load-op'ed) and some forms to be
evaluated, all components being optional. What is the
natural/recommended way to aggregate them all into an
image/fasl/library? Here are some issues:
* I could define one system for the preamble, one system for the
evaluation forms, and one target system for make-build to depend on
the previous as well as the user-specified system. However, I'm
suspect that this defeats one of the main uses of the preamble, which
is to include proclaim'ations and other global definitions that are
meant to customize the compilation process by ASDF. Can you tell me
the right thing to do here? Maybe dump three fasls, for each of the
preamble, the system and the initforms?
* What is the correct way to tell make-build where I would like it to
dump a file? Through the :pathname argument of the target defsystem?
* I wonder what is the correct way to compile the initforms into the
image. I'd guess that I need to create and compile a temporary lisp
file in /tmp. Does ECL include mechanisms for safe race-condition-free
creation of temporary files?

Thank you for any suggestion...

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