[Ecls-list] Problem in compiled code with nargs > 64

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Apr 26 01:31:01 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 10:46 +0200, Goffioul Michael wrote:
> The attached file reproduces the problem.
> Compile and load the FAS file.

The following also reveals the bug. Somehow the too long list of
arguments does not get detected. Functions with more than 64 arguments
are called using the lisp stack.

 '(lambda ()
    'a0 'b0 'c0 'd0 'e0 'f0 'g0 'h0 'i0 'j0 'k0 'l0 'm0 'n0 'o0 'p0 'q0
'r0 's0 't0 'u0 'v0 'w0 'x0 'y0 'z0
    'a1 'b1 'c1 'd1 'e1 'f1 'g1 'h1 'i1 'j1 'k1 'l1 'm1 'n1 'o1 'p1 'q1
'r1 's1 't1 'u1 'v1 'w1 'x1 'y1 'z1
    'a2 'b2 'c2 'd2 'e2 'f2 'g2 'h2 'i2 'j2 'k2 'l2 'm2 'n2 'o2 'p2 'q2
'r2 's2 't2 'u2 'v2 'w2 'x2 'y2 'z2
    'a3 'b3 'c3 'd3 'e3 'f3 'g3 'h3 'i3 'j3 'k3 'l3 'm3 'n3 'o3 'p3 'q3
'r3 's3 't3 'u3 'v3 'w3 'x3 'y3 'z3
    'a4 'b4 'c4 'd4 'e4 'f4 'g4 'h4 'i4 'j4 'k4 'l4 'm4 'n4 'o4 'p4 'q4
'r4 's4 't4 'u4 'v4 'w4 'x4 'y4 'z4
    'a5 'b5 'c5 'd5 'e5 'f5 'g5 'h5 'i5 'j5 'k5 'l5 'm5 'n5 'o5 'p5 'q5
'r5 's5 't5 'u5 'v5 'w5 'x5 'y5 'z5
    'a6 'b6 'c6 'd6 'e6 'f6 'g6 'h6 'i6 'j6 'k6 'l6 'm6 'n6 'o6 'p6 'q6
'r6 's6 't6 'u6 'v6 'w6 'x6 'y6 'z6)))


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