[Ecls-list] make_stream_from_fd - buffering modes?

daniel jay macdonald dmacd at u.washington.edu
Sun Apr 23 11:28:05 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I was trying to use slime noticed that the output stream is not 
buffered, causing my compiles to be about 10x slower than normal. The 
problem appears to be in ecl_make_stream_from_fd:

    setbuf(fp, NULL);
#if !defined(GBC_BOEHM)
    setbuf(fp, NULL);
    setbuf(fp, stream->stream.buffer = cl_alloc_atomic(BUFSIZ));

I interpret this to mean that without boehm-gc I would get buffered 
output. Is there a deep reason this cant be done with the boehm-gc 
enabled? I dont feel comfortable hacking this since GBC_BOEHM seems to 
exclude stream.buffer even being defined.


|Daniel MacDonald
|Research Engineer
|Bioengineering / Optics & Imaging Lab
|University of Washington
|dmacd at u.washington.edu

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