[Ecls-list] mingw-msys compilation

Nicolay Giraldo nicolay.g at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 18:19:18 UTC 2005

I try to compile with it in WinXP, using configure and, after fixing a
small typo, in time.c I got this message:

;;; Emitting code for DO/DO*-EXPAND.
;;; Emitting code for EVAL-FEATURE.
;;; Emitting code for DO-READ-FEATURE.
;;; Emitting code for SHARP-+-READER.
;;; Emitting code for SHARP---READER.
;;; Calling the C compiler... The function COMMON-LISP-USER::NICOLAY
is undefined.

Please tell me where can I start to look to correct this error.

Nicolay Giraldo
We are Turing O-Machines
The Oracle is out there

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