[Ecls-list] Re: MacOSX problems (some solved)

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Tue May 31 02:59:53 UTC 2005

luismbo at gmail.com wrote:

>>I wonder if somebody would like to debug this, or either provide me
>>with a limited login account so that I can debug ECL on such a
>I have a Powerbook, so it's not connected 24/7... but if nobody else
>provides you an account I could arrange something with what I've got.
I have managed to set up PearPC + Darwin 7.0.1 on my laptop. It is not 
full Mac OSX, only the kernel and libraries are equivalent to 10.3, but 
since ECL uses no graphics or fancy stuff, it should provide enough 
insight on what is going on. At least, the beast is compiling right now.

>Meanwhile, is this of any help?
>>require :asdf)
>;;; Loading #P"/Users/luis/Software/lib/ecl/ASDF.fas"
>Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.
>0x004599ec in endp (x=0x0) at list.c:313
>313     list.c: No such file or directory.
>        in list.c
>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x004599ec in endp (x=0x0) at list.c:313
>#1  0x00486c20 in cl_mapc (narg=0, fun=0x4eab90) at mapfun.c:100
>#2  0x00465e08 in finalize (_o=0x100d690, _data=0xbfffef40) at alloc_2.c:51
>#3  0x004ae6f4 in GC_invoke_finalizers () at /Users/luis/lisp-cvs/ecls/src/gc/finalize.c:787
>#4  0x004aae58 in GC_try_to_collect (stop_func=0x4ed908 <GC_finalize_now>) at /Users/luis/lisp-cvs/ecls/src/gc/alloc.c:775
>#5  0x004aae94 in GC_gcollect () at /Users/luis/lisp-cvs/ecls/src/gc/alloc.c:782
>#6  0x00466358 in si_gc (area=0x0) at alloc_2.c:370
The garbage collector seems to be reclaiming the library you have just 
loaded. Which is bad. But if it is a garbage collector problem it can 
always be solved by resuscitating ECL's old one and using it under MacOSX.

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