[Ecls-list] Critical fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Thu May 12 08:58:57 UTC 2005


thanks to Michael's work on a port of Maxima, several bugs of the 
compiler have been uncovered. They are related to the declaration of 
special variables in DEFVAR/DEFPARAMETER forms, mainly.

However, in this process it was also discovered that it is permissible 
for symbols in the Common-Lisp package to have nonempty property lists. 
This has forced me to change the way in which data structures are 
defined, to preserve a hack that makes taking the CDR of the symbol NIL 
very fast.

The change is rather localized to the a few files of the C core, but it 
might have some side effects on other parts of the system. Could 
adventurous people please ensure that everything works out of CVS?



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