[Ecls-list] Error building current CVS on windows

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Thu May 12 08:52:02 UTC 2005

Ury Marshak wrote:

> An attempt to build the current CVS succeeds on Linux , but
> fails on Windows XP using MS VC 6. The error it reports is:
> > ;;; Compiling src:clx;package.lisp.Too many arguments supplied to a 
> macro or a
> destructuring-bind form.
> Top level.
> SI>
> On the same machine building ecl-0.9e suceeeds. Looking in the CVS it
> seems that the offending (or is it?) file package.lisp did not change. 
> What
> could be the problem? 

Sorry, I still have not finished porting ECL to my free copy of Visual 
C++ and hence I cannot help about this particular bug.

Until Michael provides a better solution, I would recommend you though 
to configure ECL without clx (which in Windows is little used, 
probably). Just edit ecls/msvc/h/config.h.msvc6 removing the "#define 
CLX 1" and remove all references to clx and clx.fas in the Makefiles.

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