[Ecls-list] Startup time

Maciek Pasternacki maciekp at japhy.fnord.org
Tue Jul 26 11:52:03 UTC 2005

ECL's startup time is unacceptably big for me (on target machine it
starts for about a minute between shell command and REPL prompt, and
it should start for at *most* few seconds, preferably for one or
less); profiling with sysprof shows that time is spent on initializing
compiled code (init_LSP and descendants).  I tried to work around this
problem by using some kind of checkpointing software (GNU Emacs'
unexec and some software liked to by checkpointing.org) but none
worked OOTB (I suspect it has partly to do with .so-based program
architecture and partly with using GC instead of regular malloc).

I couldn't figure out how could I decrease startup time -- I thought
about using some pre-initialized data hard-coded into fasls instead of
(read) and re-constructing them each time but at the moment I can't
figure out how could I do this.

Do you have any tips on what should be done to speed the
initialisation up, how may I start?  Or maybe this kind of
initialization is unavoidable and I should rather focus on adapting
some checkpointing code and just restore the running process?

By the way -- can you give me some guide to compiler code (the proper
compiler, cmp package) -- what are the pieces, how do they fit

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