[Ecls-list] CFFI

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Tue Jul 5 10:04:16 UTC 2005


just in case somebody is interesting, there is a lot of development 
around a new FFI called CFFI. It is based on a very minimalistic API 
which provides enough functionality to create CLOS classes for the 
foreign data and even a UFFI compatibility layer


The focus is on performance, with lots of operations (memory copying, 
for instance; raw pointer operations; etc) which are missing in UFFI.

The funny thing is that the low-level API from CFFI is so similar to 
ECL's that it has been quickly ported to our lisp. Also, in case further 
development happens along this line (for instance Kenny Tilton's Hello-C 
mentored project), it would be very easy to replace ECL's UFFI 
compatibility layer with the full power of CFFI.



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