[Ecls-list] Threads on MacOSX (and others)

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Fri Jan 28 08:02:46 UTC 2005

bernard tatin wrote:

> I hope you receive my messages, I am sure I had messages, but I cannot 
> get them.

There are some problems with the mailing list program. I experience huge 
delays in the receipt of mails -- up to half a day sometimes.

> More debug after a  [...]
> 2 -->    basename = @si::string-concatenate(2, prefix, 
> @string-upcase(1,basename));
> 3 -->
> At 3, we have :
> basename = @si::string-concatenate(2, prefix, 
> @string-upcase(1,basename));
> basename->string.t :        80
> basename->string.m :        0 [... apparently corrupt structure ...]

It might be that GCC optimizes away the value of basename. What about 
rewriting the previous line as
    basename = cl_print(1, at si::string-concatenate(2, prefix, 
This should give you the value that the runtime is working with, 
independent of the optimization level.


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