[Ecls-list] c-inline bug?

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Jan 26 00:39:01 UTC 2005

Julian Stecklina wrote:

>I have this function:
>(defmethod socket-connect ((socket inet-socket) &rest address)
>  (let ((ip (first address))
>	(port (second address)))
>    (if (= -1
>	   (c-inline (port (aref ip 0) (aref ip 1) (aref ip 2) (aref ip 3)
>			   (socket-file-descriptor socket))
>		     (:int :int :int :int :int)
You have supplied only 5 C types while your function requires 6 
arguments. The other types are assumed to be :object. I have fixed the 
function so that it issues a warning.


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