[Ecls-list] Recent changes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Jan 24 01:00:03 UTC 2005

  - The reader macros for lists, ##, #C, #P and #' did not behave as 
    when *read-suppress* = t.

  - No comments were allowed between the last list element and the 
    in a dotted lists. In other words, this:
       (1 . 2 ;; just a comment
    produced an error.

  - Optimized some routines that iterate over sequences: SOME, EVERY,
    NOTANY, NOTEVERY (M. Goffioul)

  - Optimized the routine MAKE-ARRAY (M. Goffioul)

  - When supplied a compiled function as second argument, COMPILE returns
    this function. And also when the function is interpreted but we have
    lost its original definition.

  - Now an error is signaled for unmatched parenthesis as in "(1 2 3))".
    The only exception is in the toplevel, where only a warning is issued.

  - Feature expressions are now read in the "KEYWORD" package. Hence
    #+FEATURE is equivalent to #+:FEATURE.

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