[Ecls-list] error: conflicting types for 'si_simple_program_error'

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Thu Jan 13 03:37:09 UTC 2005

Matthew Kennedy wrote:

>Hi, I ran into some problems when building ECL 0.9e. The compiler used
>in this case was GCC 3.4.3
>-Dlinux -I"/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/src"/h -I"/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/src"/gmp -I"/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/bui
>ld"/h -O -I"/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/build"/h -w -c "/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/build/lsp/export.c" -o "/spa
>In file included from /space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/build/lsp/export.c:3:
>/space/tmp/ecl-0.9e/build/lsp/export.h:9: error: conflicting types for 'si_simple_program_error'
I have uploaded a patch that fixes this error ---which incidentally, 
only manifests if one builds ECL with a C++ compiler---.


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