[Ecls-list] Closing BSD-SOCKET (Last iteration?)

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Feb 14 07:47:01 UTC 2005

Julian Stecklina wrote:

>Another problem is that the current behavior is inconsistent with SBCL's
>behavior, where close on the stream closes the file descriptor
>immediately. This might introduce problems when porting software.
Ok, what about this:

1. We replace the smm_input/output_wsock stream modes with a common 
2. The stream associated to the socket is opened as a bidirectional 
stream with modes either smm_io (unix) or smm_io_wsock (windows)
3. socket-close now closes the stream, if it exists, or the file descriptor.

With this solution, closing the stream effectively closes the associated 
socket file descriptor, because there is no two-way-stream in the middle.


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