[Ecls-list] Strange configuration help

lisp lisp at arrakis.es
Sat Feb 12 08:02:10 UTC 2005

> Hello list,
> i just checked out the latest CVS and nocticed the following:
>  ./configure --help
>   ...
>   --without-cmuformat    Use the FORMAT routine from CMUCL.

Of course, this should be "Do not use the FORMAT routine from CMUCL". I
take note.

> This doesn't really make sense, or? BTW, it would be nice for the --help
> option to show the default values as well:
>   --with-tcp             Include socket interface (default OFF).

Also noted. BTW, the options for "with" are never on/off, but "yes" or
"no". Hence

   On: --with-tcp, or --with-tcp=yes
   Off: --without-tcp, or --with-tcp=no, or nothing.



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