[Ecls-list] New wiki

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Feb 2 08:09:01 UTC 2005


in an small effort to simplify that users contribute, I have set up a 
Wiki at


The idea of this Wiki is to provide new users with some hints about 
installing and using ECL. This will be the place for FAQ, tutorials, 
etc, and eventually a section of it will replace the current webpages.

I am unsure about whether one should also convert the manuals to wiki. 
It is not clear whether this would help updating these beasts, and it 
might impose an extra load of work on myself, trying to keep the texinfo 
up to date with the wiki, or viceversa.

As for othe organization: In order to discourage spammers, one must 
supply a password to enter, but the default username (TWikiGuest) and 
password (guest) allow for editing the sections Main and Sandbox, which 
are the ones intended for hosting all the information I mentioned above. 
Only the preferences (TWiki web) are owned by my private account.

Now, if somebody could write a nice and organize frontpage with topics 
he/she would like to see discussed, that would be nice.


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