[Ecls-list] Location of generated C files

Greg Pfeil pfeil at amazon.com
Wed Dec 21 13:26:01 UTC 2005

I have a situation where my .lisp files are in an un-writable location. I'm
using code similar to http://www.cliki.net/asdf%20binary%20locations to
build the FASLs into a different directory. This works fine for SBCL.
However, ECL generates a C file in the process of compiling, and it fails
when it tries to write that C file to the source directory.

Is there a way for me to tell ECL to put the C files elsewhere, or do I need
to copy over the entire source structure and point ECL at it?

Below is the output with error:

;;; Compiling 
;;; Note: Removing unused variable O
An error occurred during initialization:
Filesystem error with pathname
 1) the file does not exist, or
 2) we are not allow to access the file, or
 3) the pathname points to a broken symbolic link..
;;; End of Pass 1.  

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