[Ecls-list] Wishlist/Requirement: Package locks

ssmith tarka at internode.on.net
Mon Dec 19 21:34:00 UTC 2005


The following code produces a 'package lock' error (on the COMMON-LISP
package) on the three other lisp implementations I've tried (SBCL,
ACL, Clisp):

  (defpackage :my-test
    (:use :cl)
    (:export :test-class))
  (in-package :my-test)
  (defclass test-class ()
      :accessor stream)))

However on ECL it produces a warning:

  ;;; Warning: STREAM is being redefined.
  ;;; Warning: (SETF STREAM) is being redefined.

I don't think this counts as an ANSI bug per-se (the behaviour is
'undefined'), but the effect of this error is probably serious enough
to warrant some sort of error condition.  Are package-locks a possible
future feature?


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