[Ecls-list] [Maxima] Problems with ECL and Maxima

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Fri Apr 29 08:26:46 UTC 2005


I succeeded to load Maxima into ECL (currently, it doesn't compile, I just load the LISP
code). While doing this, I found some recurrent problems that prevented ECL to load
Maxima. I report here 3 of them.

1) Maxima uses a lot a pattern like: (defmacro do-something (arg0 . body) ...)
ECL doesn't like it and I had to change all those declaration into:
(defmacro do-something (arg0 &rest body) ...)

2) Maxima sometimes uses variables whose name starts with a dot (for example in
macro lambda-lists): (defmacro defmfun (function &body rest &aux .n.) ...)
ECL doesn't like that neither and I had to change those variables name.

3) Maxima uses (namestring ...) on streams: the input stream (which is a synonym-stream
to terminal-io) and also on concatenated streams. This fails in ECL, but I couldn't
find in hyperspec whether this is supposed to work.


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