[Ecls-list] Unavailable for coming week

lisp lisp at arrakis.es
Tue Apr 26 09:16:08 UTC 2005


I probably should have written this a week ago, but I am right now abroad
and cannot upload/commit patches for the coming days. I am taking note of
the bugs which have been reported in the list, and I have been indeed in
the last days working on the Mingw32 port, which is broken.

Incidentally, I would also upgrade the MSVC port so that it compiles using
the freely available Visual C++ Toolkit (plus the .NET SDK for the MSVCRT
shared library). Has anybody tried this before? Michael?

As for the LGPL, the license requires you to distribute at least a library
(*.LIB/*.a) that can be linked against a contemporary copy of ECL -- One
which is binary compatible with the one that you used to develop your MEX
extensions, so that in the end the user can type from Matlab
  >> mex yourlibrary.lib libecl.a
and obtain something usable. You are not required to distribute any source
code that does not enter the category of changes in the ECL core system.



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