[Ecls-list] One more Makefile.in patch

John Connors johnc at yagc.ndo.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 07:52:32 UTC 2005

I got latest ECLS, and configured using mingw. To my surprise when I 
typed make all after the configure, make complained that there was no 
way to build ecls as there was no target matching it when it was invoked 
by all. It seems the target is defined as ecls$(EXE) now, and the all: 
line needs to be updated to reflect this fact. I'm not familiar enough 
with autotools to know what to touch..

Cyborg Animation Programmer

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:
> Maciek Pasternacki wrote:
>> This one fixes ecl-config generation (broken by previous patches) and
>> makes dpp and libs in $(ecldir) install with correct permissions
>> ($(INSTALL_PROGRAM) instead of $(INSTALL_DATA)).
>> What about my si:open-pipe patch from few days ago?
> Sorry, it was sent while I was abroad and somehow got lost in the load
> of emails. I have committed both patches. Thanks again for your work, if
> I did not say it before :-)
> Juanjo
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