[Ecls-list] ECL with VC++/Win32

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Thu Oct 14 03:43:27 UTC 2004

> Goffioul Michael wrote:
> >After a few days of hard fight with Microsoft compiler, I finally
> >succeeded in compiling the full ECL package with MSVC6 under
> >Windows. It works great and I even could embed the whole ECL
> >engine in MATLAB/MEX under Windows. ECL looks like a great tool
> >for embedding purpose.
> >If there's some interest, I can provide a patch.
> >  
> >
> I am more than interested :-) How do you manage to compile 
> ECL? Do you 
> build GMP and Boehm-Weiser GC separately? Do you need MSYS? If the 
> patches are big, please send them to my private address: 
> jjgarcia at users.sf.net

This wasn't an easy task, it was mainly a matter of writing the
Makefile's. It does not require MSYS, but still requires the
presence of a few tools like "sed" and "grep" (there exists plain
Win32 versions).
I'm using the Boehm-Weiser GC, using the NT_MAKEFILE file for
I'm partially using the GMP patch for Windows found at
http://fp.gladman.plus.com/computing/gmp4win.htm, but I rewrote
the Makefile's.
I then modified ECL code to take into account MSVC command syntax
and Win32 system (for the latter, mingw32 modifications suited in
most cases). I enabled cmu-format and dlopen. GC and GMP are built
into static libs and included in the larger ecl.dll which only
exports the functions found in external.h (for this, I had to write
an ecl.def file manually).
In all cases, I tried to touch the existing files as less as possible
and do the job in separate files. I'll send a patch later today.


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