[Ecls-list] ECL with no $PATH ?

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Nov 10 01:28:04 UTC 2004

Michael O'Connor wrote:

> I'm trying to run a C++ app with embedded ECL in a Linux environment 
> in which $PATH is not set, however it crashes with "Unrecoverable 
> error: No PATH in environment". It's not a problem to set $PATH but 
> I'm curious as to why this happens, or if there's a better way to 
> avoid the error.

This is due to some code trying to guess the location of the ECL 
executable itself. Such code is used mainly to locate the system 
libraries (libecl.{a,so}, cmp.fas, ...) and it is most useful in the 
case of Windows, where the program might be virtually anywhere. Now I 
realize that it does not make much sense in the case of embedded 
applications, in which you probably will not make any use of the 
compiler, help documentation, etc.

The following patch should solve this problem:

Index: main.d
RCS file: /home/jlr/cvs/ecls/src/c/main.d,v
retrieving revision 1.63
diff -c -r1.63 main.d
*** main.d    29 Oct 2004 16:59:11 -0000    1.63
--- main.d    10 Nov 2004 09:20:53 -0000
*** 154,163 ****
- #if !defined(MSDOS) && !defined(cygwin)
-     ecl_self = expand_pathname(ecl_self);
- #endif
       * 1) Initialize symbols and packages
--- 154,159 ----

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