[Ecls-list] struct problem

Michael O'Connor moconnor59 at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 06:55:02 UTC 2004

--- Larry Clapp <larry at theclapp.org> wrote: 
> Cannot reproduce.  Can you elaborate, or give a
> longer example?
> Can you clarify what you mean by "the structure
> contains whitespace"? 
> E.g, do the slot names grow?  Do the slot values
> grow?  Does the printed
> representation change?

- that's odd, I can't reproduce either now with the
first example (I'm guessing it may depend on what's
been run previously somehow). Anyway below is an
extended example of what I mean, in that it produces a
whole lot of whitespace in its output.

- I don't know whether or not this problem (which
looks to be only an output formatting issue) is
related to the fact that my program stops running
after a while, but I'd like to fix this anyway (and
also eliminate it as a possibility).



(defstruct test

(setf test-data (list (make-test) (make-test)
(make-test) (make-test) (make-test)))

(setf (test-long-variable-name-1 (first test-data))
(setf (test-long-variable-name-2 (first test-data))
(cons 12.30 "u"))
(format t "~A~%" test-data)

(setf (test-long-variable-name-1 (second test-data))
(setf (test-long-variable-name-2 (second test-data))
(cons 10.01 "c"))
(format t "~A~%" test-data)

(setf (test-long-variable-name-1 (third test-data))
(setf (test-long-variable-name-2 (third test-data))
(cons 123.00 "d"))
(format t "~A~%" test-data)

(setf (test-long-variable-name-1 (fourth test-data))
(setf (test-long-variable-name-2 (fourth test-data))
(cons 3.50 "u"))
(format t "~A~%" test-data)

(setf (test-long-variable-name-1 (fifth test-data))
(setf (test-long-variable-name-2 (fifth test-data))
(cons 3.0 "c"))
(format t "~A~%" test-data)

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