[Ecls-list] Pretty printer

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Wed May 12 02:25:15 UTC 2004

Julian Stecklina wrote:

>Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll <jlr at mpq.mpg.de> writes:
>>I am now making the last steps towards integrating a real
>>pretty-printer and the whole of CMUCL's format into ECL
>Yay! :) This means we have ASDF working unpatched, Real Soon Now.
The changes have been comitted today to CVS. While I do some useful 
stuff, the Compiler Farm is building ECL, which seems to pass Paul 
Dietz's test suite with just as many errors as it used to.

Summary of changes:

* CMUCL's PRETTY-PRINTER and FORMAT have been integrated into ECL.

* ECL still defaults to the old KCL pretty printing stack and 
implementation of format, and the new, more powerful but also bigger 
library has to be explicitely selected at configuration time, with the 
option "--with-cmu-format". Right now, --with-cmu-format implies 

* The ECL printer has been rewritten and much simplified. Now, the 
behavior of the printer is governed by the special variables 
*print-length*, *print-level*, etc, which are consulted every time a new 
object is to be printed. There is no longer need for the routine 
cl_setup_printer(), and writing an object to a stream can be done with 
the new routine si_write_object(object,stream).

* DEFSTRUCT now produces a slimmer output, as most of the work is done 
by an auxiliary function. This makes compiled files smaller.

* Several critical fixes in the interpreter and in the compiler.



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