[Ecls-list] Re: CLX is now in CVS

Eric Marsden emarsden at laas.fr
Mon Mar 29 00:21:11 UTC 2004

>>>>> "vs" == Vladimir Sedach <sedachv at cpsc.ucalgary.ca> writes:

  vs> I got the new version up and running fine on FreeBSD 4.3 with
  vs> XFree86 4.1.0, and now I'm trying to get Garnet running on it.
  vs> It looks like someone at CLOCC forgot about some pixarray
  vs> functions (pixarray-element-size,
  vs> fast-write-pixarray-using-bitblt, etc.) using internal CMUCL
  vs> functions - oops! :) It looks like I still have a few other
  vs> minor issues to fix to get Garnet running, but this is the major
  vs> show-stopper. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about either
  vs> CLX or CMUCL to figure out what the code is supposed to be
  vs> doing.

the CLX code that is distributed with SBCL is probably more portable,
and certainly more actively maintained, than that in the CLOCC tree.


Also note the portable-clx-devel mailing list.

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