[Ecls-list] Embedding ECL interpreter in a C++ application

Frederik Fouvry fouvry at CoLi.Uni-SB.DE
Tue Mar 2 01:15:02 UTC 2004

| Sure. There are two examples that used this: a QUAKE plugin made
| by Erik Winkels, and a prototype of a game (Unicorp) by Andrew
| Topp. I am not sure that code is available, but they had the
| same resources as you: that is the users and developer guides
| in ecls.sf.net (For instance http://ecls.sourceforge.net/ecldev/devel_3.html#SEC24)
| and myself (I am very keen to helping people use ECL, although
| my availability is somewhat restricted in the last months).

In an application I'm using (PET; deep processing of natural
language), ECL is called from the C++ application via a C
wrapper.  Most of it works fine, but there is no need for a very
extensive interface.  (IIRC, there is a C++ module that calls a C
module, which does the actual work (both looking into ECL and
into the C++ data structures).)

Frederik Fouvry

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