[Ecls-list] bug

Frederik Fouvry fouvry at CoLi.Uni-SB.DE
Thu Jan 15 05:55:00 UTC 2004

,-- El Wed, 14 Jan, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll escribió :
| On Tuesday 13 January 2004 19:57, Frederik Fouvry wrote:
| > It is reported that
| >   (defparameter *foo* 42)
| >
| >   (defun bar ()
| >     (let ((*foo* 42))
| >       ...))
| > gives problems when compiling (ecl9c).  Has this been fixed in
| > the meantime?
| I have tested this code both with ecl0.9c and the latest CVS version. More 
| precisely,  I compiled and loaded and executed this without problems:
| 	(defparameter *foo* 42)
| 	(defun bar ()
| 	  (let ((*foo* 43))
|  	   (print *foo*)))
| AFAI remember, ecl never had problems handling special variables. Maybe the 
| problem lays somewhere else in the code.

Thanks.  The report I had also said something about non-X3J13
compliance causing problems, but without any details.  I don't
know whether the above was an illustration of that or not.  (I'm
not _that_ well-versed in Lisp).  

Anyway, we're continuing trying to fix the problem.  (The
original problem is that an ECL-compiled function returns without
any result.)

BTW: any hints on debugging (e.g. function calls) apart from the
artisanal format(), print() and friends?

Many thanks,


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