[Ecls-list] ECL and shared libraries

Paul Meurer paul.meurer at uib.no
Fri Aug 27 05:43:56 UTC 2004


thanks for your immediate response.

>The Quake plugin was done more than a year ago as a proof of concept
>by someone (me :-) inexperienced in both ECL and Common Lisp.

I do not need more than a proof of concept for the time being. I have 
a morphological analyser for Norwegian written in CL which I need to 
get interfaced into a parser written in C (not by me, it is XLE). The 
interfacing can only be done via a shared library. Only one of my 
lisp functions needs to be accessible from XLE, so loss of dynamism 
is no problem for me.

>I can send you the current source if you want to  but you're better
>off checking some more recent projects or the X-Chat plugin.

Nice if you could send me the source! In addition, I'll have a look 
at X-Chat (if I am able to find it).


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