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Paul Meurer paul.meurer at uib.no
Fri Aug 27 04:46:17 UTC 2004


after some searching for a Common Lisp that could be embedded into a 
shared library I came across ECL as the only promising candidate 
(besides ACL). But after having read the relevant posts to the list, 
my impression is that nobody really has done that with ECL.

Is my impression right? What about the Qake plugin? How was that done?

I have also read 
http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=1077936 which 
shows how ECL can be called from C in an application. Could something 
similar be done in for shared library (calling cl_boot() in the 
prologue to initialize the Lisp, then initialize the library)? If 
not, what is c:build-shared-library() used for?

- Paul Meurer
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