[Ecls-list] FreeBSD port

Julian Stecklina der_julian at web.de
Mon Aug 2 09:10:02 UTC 2004

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll <worm at arrakis.es> writes:

> Hi Julian! Thanks a lot for your work on this port! How does it work
> then? It retreives the sources from CVS? Or you prepared a tarball
> with a copy of the unstable sources? Also, I read in a separate
> message that you are having trouble with the threads library in
> FreeBSD. Do you build a threads-enabled copy of ECL?

Yes, I do. But I will probably turn that off for now. I think the
problem only occurs when the threading library is not -lc_r. I am
sorting that out at the moment.

I have created a tarball of the CVS sources from last week. I had
hoped to track ECL releases, but 0.9c is too different from HEAD to do
anything meaningful and hope that it works with 0.9d.

Julian Stecklina 

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