[Ecls-list] problems with c:build-program [FIXED; USER ERROR]

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Tue Apr 27 01:29:09 UTC 2004

Larry Clapp wrote:

>>In ecl:
>>(compile-file "foo" :system-p t)
>>(compile-file "bar" :system-p t)
>>(compile-file "baz" :system-p t)
>>(c:build-program "myecl" :lisp-files '("foo" "bar" "baz"))
>I trace my error to the fact that one of my test files was actually
>called "defclass.lisp", not "bar.lisp".  ecl doesn't like that.  It
>never occurred to me that that might cause a problem, or I'd have used
>the actual file names in my 'reproduction instructions'.  I changed it
>to "defclass2.lisp" -- no problem.
This is due to a nameclash with one file in the lisp library. Long ago I 
implemented the global variable si::*init-function-prefix* to avoid this 
problem but forgot to actually use it O:-). Basically, 
*init-function-prefix* is inserted between "init_" and the name of the 
file which was compiled. I have set this value to "ECL", and the changes 
should be available in CVS soon.



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