[Ecls-list] problems with c:build-program

Erik Winkels aerique at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 23 09:19:11 UTC 2004

>>Fun, if I try this with the filenames foo1.lisp, foo2.lisp and
>>foo3.lisp ECL breaks at C::LINKER-CC (foo, bar, baz does work for me):
> This has to do with the way ECL mangles the file name to obtain the
> name of the initialization routine in the corresponding C file. But it
> has been fixed, so that it now takes the number into account.

Cool, I figured as much, just wanted to point it out.

> You should not, however, use characters other than a-Z, A-Z, -, _, *
> and 0-9, because there is no translation to C.

It's smart to avoid '*' in filenames as well :-)
(There must be some good sysadmin bloopers in there!)


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