[Ecls-list] Problem compiling CVS 4/18/2004

worm worm at arrakis.es
Mon Apr 19 02:29:12 UTC 2004

Remitente: Larry Clapp <larry at theclapp.org>
> I checked out CVS this afternoon.  I configure --with-cxx, so the
> compile uses g++.  I got a couple errors compiling lsp/ffi.lsp:
> I added "#include <string.h>" to h/ecl-cmp.h, which got me a bit
> farther:

Fix Nr. 1 is ok.

> > /usr/src/ecls/build/lsp/ffi.c:851: error: invalid conversion 
> from `void*' to cl_lispunion*'
> In lsp/ffi.lsp I changed
>        @(return) = memcpy(output->string.self, (#0)-
> >foreign.data, length);
> in convert-from-foreign-string to
>        memcpy(output->string.self, (#0)->foreign.data, length);
> 	@(return) = output;

Fix Nr. 2 is also Ok. I will commit them when I go back to Germany.

> I'm not sure my patch actually does what client code would expect.

The ffi.lsp is not used anywhere, but it contains code that is supposed 
to be useful some day, since it is ECL's implementation of the UFFI 
pseudostandard. As I announced some time ago, I hacked this in one 
weekend and code is expected to have bugs. You found one, there might 
be others, since I did not have time to check it in real projects.

However, your e-mail shows me that, for every new commit, I should test 
ECL both with a C and a C++ compiler.



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